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Threads: Our First Impressions

So, after only four days I caved and downloaded Threads. And guess what? No need to create a whole new account because it seamlessly connects with Instagram. They even have a button to take you straight back to Instagram. Even though I have never been a big Twitter user (I mean, I've lost count of how many accounts I've had due to forgotten passwords and inactivity logouts), Threads felt like familiar territory. But let me tell you, it's got some catching up to do. It's a pretty basic app, missing a bunch of Twitter's (and most other social media platforms) features like hashtags, direct messaging, a feed specifically for who you follow, and even the option to save drafts. I'm sure they'll add those in later updates. But for now, I can see why many folks would stick with Twitter until Threads catches up.

The Feed: Something Old, Something New:

Now, the first thing that hit me about the Threads feed was that it was filled with content from people I don't even follow. Threads uses an algorithm to push content at you. That's a whole new ballgame compared to Instagram, which can sometimes struggle to introduce you to new accounts. What is most surprising is people are going crazy over how much better the culture is on Threads compared to Twitter. Twitter has had a bad reputation for its toxic culture for ages, and it only got worse after Elon Musk took over and changed the verification process. So, it seems like users are relieved to have a platform where they don't have to constantly worry about getting attacked in the comments. Honestly, I won't be surprised if Threads means the (eventual) end for Twitter. Meta (who owns Threads) is a powerhouse, and the numbers speak for themselves. Threads gained 30 million users in just 24 hours! I joined on July 8th and I'm proud to say I'm the 89,980,438th user (Yes, my Instagram account even has a badge on it to celebrate).

Threads for Social Media Managers:

As a social media manager, Threads presents a challenge. But it's a welcome challenge that might just change the game. Right now, Threads doesn't have any ads. So, it's a chance for us to get personal with our posts. Brands are taking the "Wendy's approach," - posting memes and jokes instead of bombarding people with ads. Also, the algorithm gives everyone a fair shot at gaining followers because it promotes new accounts to users, rather than just pushing content from the accounts they follow. So, it's all about organic growth!

Threads has only been around for a couple days and it's already making waves. Yes, it's missing some features right now, but the seamless integration with Instagram and the potential for a positive culture make it an exciting alternative to Twitter. Plus, with Meta backing it up and a crazy number of users flocking to Threads, it's definitely a platform to keep an eye on. As a digital marketer, I can't wait to dive into the opportunities Threads brings and see how it changes up the ever-changing world of social media.


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