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We love creating a brand that fully encapsulates YOU and your mission. Check out some of our favorite projects below!


The Opportunity: God Girl Fit, a Christian Fitness Lifestyle brand in its incubation stage, sought to establish a cohesive visual identity to propel its growth trajectory. The brand envisions itself branching into athleisure wear, developing a fitness app, cultivating a substantial social media presence, and expanding into unforeseen avenues.

The Results: With a mission deeply rooted in empowering  Christian women on their fitness journeys, God Girl Fit's visual identity now reflects its core values of strength, boldness, and consistency. The new branding exudes professionalism while embracing simplicity, ensuring versatility across various platforms and mediums.

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The Opportunity: Bucks County Setters, a preservation breeder of English Setters, aims to revive the breed's popularity. They sought a logo that features Ivy, their foundation dog, and embodies the essence of the breed.


The Results: We crafted a brand that encapsulates the regality, friendliness, and hunting drive of English Setters, alongside the natural beauty of Bucks County. Through meticulous selection of colors, fonts, and imagery, we evoked the desired emotions and associations. The resulting brand is visually appealing, emotionally resonant, and effectively communicates the unique qualities of Bucks County Setters.

Check out their site and socials- also created by Firecracker!


The Opportunity: Rat Mogul, a clothing brand that began as a college project and quickly became a campus sensation, sought to establish a distinctive style featuring a whimsical rat character. This unique approach attracted streetwear and meme fashion enthusiasts, and Rat Mogul has since evolved into a creative powerhouse for rat-themed fashion.


The Results: Rat Mogul's visual identity now perfectly embodies its playful and quirky spirit. The brand's light-hearted, fun attitude resonates with a broad audience, uniting those who share a love for rats. 

Check out their site and socials- also created by Firecracker!


The Opportunity: Kayla's Kreations, a floral arrangement and decor business, sought to establish a unique and captivating visual identity that would highlight their artistic approach to floral design and home decor. With a vision to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences, Kayla's Kreations aimed to attract clients who appreciate the beauty and elegance of expertly crafted floral arrangements.


The Results: Kayla's Kreations' new branding exudes sophistication and charm, reflecting the business's commitment to beauty, creativity, and attention to detail. By carefully selecting colors, fonts, and imagery that evoke a sense of natural elegance and artistic flair, we created a brand that resonates emotionally with clients. 



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