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2024 Trends: What You as a Small Business Need to Know

If you google “2024 Marketing Trends” you’ll get an intense amount of information. It's a maze of insights, but here's the catch – much of it seems tailored for marketing bigwigs or businesses with pockets deep enough to fund a marketing army. But how does a small business owner weed out what is important and accessible to them?

Fear not, I've got your back! Here's a curated list of five trends that the small business brigade can tap into for a stellar 2024.

1. AI Marketing

AI is EVERYWHERE right now. Kind of scary, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be! We see AI everywhere, whether it's with a business’s AI chat support agent, predictive marketing Think AI chat support, predictive marketing (you know, like when Amazon suggests stuff you might like), or the personalized playlists on Spotify. But how can a small business with limited resources use AI? Easy – enlist the help of tools like ChatGPT to brainstorm campaign ideas, proofread your content, or let it do the writing for you. Adobe Firefly and even Canva offer AI features to jazz up your creatives. These are baby steps into the AI-powered future, no need to break the bank.

2. Influencer/Content Marketing

Influencers got that name for a reason – they can move the needle. Know a local influencer whose vibe aligns with your coffee shop or a model whose style perfectly complements your jewelry? Reach out, strike a deal. But here's a curveball – why not become an influencer yourself? Show the world what happens behind the scenes, start important conversations, and establish yourself as the go-to expert in your field. TikTok is the stage for this act – it's got reach, a killer algorithm, and the beauty of low-effort content creation. Give it a shot!

3. Video

TikTok's takeover with short-form video content is real, and it's not slowing down. People are more likely to hit play on a video than read a long caption, and a video holds attention longer than a photo. So, toss that photo aside and embrace the video trend. You don't need a Hollywood setup – a 360-view with a catchy tune or a process video with a voiceover will do. Authenticity trumps professional videography; viewers want real, unfiltered content.

4. Sustainability/Ethical Marketing

Values matter, and consumers are putting their money where their values are. Shout out loud about the ethical, sustainable side of your business. Embed it in your mission statement, let it echo in your brand voice, and weave it into relevant content. Consumers are leaning towards businesses that are doing good for the world – make sure they know you're one of them.

5. Hyper-Personalization

Scroll through TikTok, and you'll see those "what ____ am I?" filters or personality quizzes. Gen Z loves fitting into aesthetics, curating everything about themselves. Guess what? Your marketing can ride that wave. Categorize your products into aesthetics, make a reel about it, or whip up a quick personality quiz. It might seem a tad silly, but personalization is the golden ticket to grabbing attention in today's trend-driven world.

These trends aren't just for the marketing elite; they're a great opportunity for you, too. From dipping toes into the AI landscape to dancing on the TikTok stage, creating authentic videos, championing sustainability, and embracing hyper-personalization – these trends are your arsenal for not just surviving but thriving in the marketing game. Let’s be ready and ahead of the trends for next year!


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